Banky W has condemned the killings of Nigerians and other foreign Nationals by South Africans in South Africa.

He revealed he is so appalled by the fact that Africans would result to killing Africans. Banky also revealed Africans are the problem of Africa, also reminding South Africans that they have abandoned the vision of their late great leader, Nelson Mandela and following a destructive path.

” The #Xenophobia attacks by some South Africans against Nigerians and other foreign Nationals are completely heartbreaking. Sad to see people that suffered through decades of apartheid, violence and hatred, now turning around to do the same/worse to others. 

“The people that South Africans look up to should PLEASE speak up and denounce #Xenophobia. The Government, business people, athletes, artists, media personalities, and even the average citizens have a responsibility to stand up for justice the way the world stood up for SA

“This is not the SA that Mandela fought and sacrificed for. This is not the SA that a lot of us have come to know and love. I just watched a video of a man burnt alive in front of a crowd. It’s sick, and heartbreaking. “Hell must be empty because all the demons are here. Sigh” Africa’s problem is AFRICANS. Some in Government, some in the general population.. but Africa’s problem is Africans. I keep pushing for the day that the rest of us will rise to become our solution. May God help us. And may we realize that Heaven helps those who help themselves,” he said.

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